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          China Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR)

          Chinese Fast Reactor and G Advanced Nuclear SystemXU Mi(3)

          GIF Cooperation and Development of Fast Reactor With Its Fuel Cycles in ChinaXU Mi(4)

          Progress of INPRO Project in CIAEZHOU Pei-de(5)

          Sodium Fire Protection SystemDU Hai-ou(6)

          Development of Passive Shut-Down System in Fast ReactorHUANG Chen(7)

          China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR)

          Experiment for the Flow Distribution in the CARR Fuel AssemblyDING Zhen-xin, et al(9)

          Preliminary Design of In-Pile High Temperature High Pressure Test LoopZHANG Ai-min, et al(10)

          The Piping Stress Calculation and Optimization of the Reactor Cooling System in CARR

          DAI Shou-tong (11)

          Beijing Radioactive Ion-Beam Facility

          Progress Report of Beijing Radioactive Ion-Beam Facilities (BRIF) in 2006

          Engineering Division of BRIF Project(12)

          Progress on Design and Construction of CYCIAE-100Technology Division of BRIF(12)

          Comparison of Design Alternatives and Selection of Manufacturers for Main Magnet Construction of CYCIAE-100ZHANG Tian-jue, et al(15)

          100 MeV Cyclotron LLRF Control Design and Details for RF CircuitYIN Zhi-guo, et al(18)

          Development of VXI-Bus Based DSP BoardHOU Shi-gang, et al(20)

          Development of PROFIBUS Based Control SystemYIN Zhi-guo, et al(21)

          Calculation of Transverse Acceptance of CYCIAE-100YAO Hong-juan, et al(22)

          Stripping Extraction Simulation With COMA for CYCIAE-100AN Shi-zhong, et al(24)

          Accelerating Trajectory Simulation With COMA for CYCIAE-100AN Shi-zhong, et al(26)

          PIC Code for Beam Dynamics Simulation and Its Applications on Injection Line of CYCIAE-100

          YANG Jian-jun, et al(28)

          Study and Practice of Shimming Method to First Harmonic in Compact Cyclotron

          ZHANG Tian-jue, et al(30)

          Method on Adjustment of Isochronous Field Change Caused by Temperature Increase for CYCIAE-100 and Experimental Study on Coil InsulationWEI Su-min, et al(33)

          Design, Machining and Installation of Injection Line of CRM for CYCIAE-100

          YAO Hong-juan,et al(35)

          Design, Machining and Installation of Inflector and Central Region of CRM for CYCIAE-100

          YAO Hong-juan, et al(37)

          Design of Ion Source Magnet Distribution of CRM Cyclotron for CYCIAE-100

          JIA Xian-lu, et al(39)

          Research on Quadrupoles Along Injection Line for CRM Cyclotron of CYCIAE-100

          WEI Su-min, et al(42)

          Mapping System, Magnetic Measurement and Shimming in CRM of 100 MeV Cyclotron

          ZHONG Jun-qing, et al(44)

          Physic Design for Pulsed Beam System in CIAEs CRM Cyclotron for CYCIAE-100

          AN Shi-zhong, et al(46)

          Design and Calculation of Buncher in Pulsing Beam SystemAN Shi-zhong, et al(48)

          Design of Buncher in Pulsing Beam SystemAN Shi-zhong, et al(50)

          Design of Vacuum Test StandPAN Gao-feng, et al(52)

          Progress Report of ISOL System of BRIF Project in 2006Nuclear Physics Division ISOL Group(53)

          Progress Report of Superconducting Booster of Beijing Radioactivity Ion-beam Facility in 2006

          Superconducting Booster Group of BRIF(53)

          Upgrade of Tandem Accelerator Injector SystemBAO Yi-wen, et al (54)

          Primary Shielding Design for BRIFWU Hai-cheng, et al(56)





          Nuclear Physics

          Unusual Signature Inversion at Low Spins in N=99 Rare Earth NucleiCHEN Yong-shou, et al(61)

          Degree of Freedom for 178Hf Isomeric StateTuya, et al(62)

          Ground-State Properties of Ca Isotopes and Density Dependence of Symmetry Energy

          LIANG Jun, et al(63)

          Giant Monopole Resonance and Symmetry EnergyLIANG Jun, et al(64)

          Shape Coexistence in Neutron-Deficient At Isotopes in Relativistic Mean Field Model

          LIANG Jun, et al(64)

          Pygmy and Giant Dipole Resonances in Ni IsotopesLIANG Jun, et al(65)

          Microscopic Optical Potential of Nucleus-Nucleus Elastic ScatteringMA Yin-qun, et al(65)

          Study of Pairing Interaction in a Separable ForceTIAN Yuan, et al(67)

          Net Charge Transfer Fluctuation in Quark-Gluon Matter and Hadronic MatterSA Ben-hao, et al(69)

          Charged Particle Universal Rapidity Scaling in e+e, +P and Au+Au Collisions at Relativistic Energies and Its Partonic OriginSA Ben-hao, (70)

          Applications of Skyrme Energy-Density Functional to Fusion Reactions for Synthesis of Superheavy NucleiWANG Ning, et al(70)

          Elliptic Flow and System Size Dependence of Transition Energies at Intermediate Energies

          ZHANG Yin-xun, et al(71)

          In-Medium NN Cross Sections Determined From Stopping and Collective Flow in Intermediate-Energy Heavy-Ion CollisionsZHANG Ying-xun, et al(72)

          Mechanism of Proton-Induced Reactions on Targets 16O, 27Al, 56Fe, 112Cd, 184W and 208Pb at Ep=800 MeV

          OU Li, et al(73)

          Analysis of Intermediate Energy Proton-Induced Spallation Reactions by Improved Quantum Molecular Dynamics Plus Statistical Decay ModelOU Li, et al(74)

          Applications of Skyrme Energy-Density Functional to Fusion Reactions Spanning Fusion Barriers

          LIU Min, et al(75)

          Study of Mass Parameter Based on Quantum Molecular Dynamics ModelZHAO Kai, et al(76)

          Superheavy Fragments Produced in Asymmetric Strongly Damped CollisionsTIAN Jun-long, et al(77)

          Average Lifetime of Giant Composite Systems Formed in Strongly Damped Collisions

          TIAN Jun-long, et al(78)

          Modified Woods-Saxon Potential for Heavy-Ion Fusion ReactionTIAN Jun-long, et al(78)

          Error Thresholds for Quasispecies on Single Peak Gaussian Distributed Fitness Landscapes

          GU Jian-zhong, et al(80)

          Triaxial Shape in 126Pr Induced by Couplings Between Equatorial OrbitalsDONG Bao-guo, et al(81)

          Superdeformed Band Terminations in A=40 Mass RegionDONG Bao-guo, et al(82)

          Rotational Structures of Neutron Deficient Isotopes 125,127,129CeMA Hai-liang, et al(82)

          Test of Silicon Strip Detector for Heavy Ion Nuclear ReactionZHANG Huan-qiao, et al(82)

          Two-Proton Simultaneous Emission From 29SLIN Cheng-jian, et al(84)

          Calculation of Interaction Potential Between Spherical and Deformed Nuclei

          ZHANG Gao-long, et al(85)

          Application of Silicon Strip Detector for 29S+12C ReactionZHANG Gao-long, et al(89)

          Geometry and Voltage Test of Electrostatic SeparatorJIA Hui-ming, et al(92)

          Origin of Unexpected Isotopic Trends in Synthesis of Superheavy NucleiLIU Zu-hua, et al(93)

          Q-Value Effects on Production of Superheavy NucleiLIU Zu-hua, et al(94)

          Structure of High Spin States in 54MnWU Xiao-guang, et al(95)

          Magnetic Rotation in 106AgHE Chuang-ye, et al(96)

          Systematic of Signature Inversion in Odd-Odd Nuclei in A100 Mass RegionHE Chuang-ye, et al(98)

          High Spin States in 112InLI Xue-qin, et al(99)

          Triaxial Shape in 129CeLIU Ying, et al(100)

          High-Spin Study of 155TmLIU Ying, et al(101)

          Dynamic Study on Entrance-Channel Effects of Symmetry and Asymmetry Reaction System in Heavy-Ion Fusion ReactionsLI Xue-qing, et al(102)

          Effect of Concentration of DNA in DNA Damage Induced by -rayKONG Fu-quan, et al(104)

          Effect of Dose Rate in DNA Damage Induced by -rayKONG Fu-quan, et al(104)

          Improvement on Microscope Stabilization of Micro-beam FacilityCHEN Quan(105)

          Neutron Leakage Spectra of 9BeRUAN Xi-chao, et al(106)

          Measurement Cross Section of D(d, )4He ReactionHOU Long, et al(107)

          X-rays Production by 15-55 MeV Carbon Ions Striking Metal SurfacesTIAN Ye, et al(107)

          L X-ray Production in Au, Nb, Cd, Fe and Taby 20-45 MeV Oxygen IonsTIAN Ye, et al(108)

          Direct Photon Production in PACIAE Model at RHIC EnergyLI Xiao-mei, et al(109)

          Production of 13N Secondary BeamZENG Sheng, et al(110)

          Feasibility Analysis of 13N+p Elastic Resonance ScatteringWANG You-bao, et al(111)

          Astrophysical 13N(p, )14O Reaction RateLI Zhi-hong, et al(112)

          Calculation and Evaluation of Neutron-Induced Reactions on 58Ni Below 150 MeV

          HUANG Xiao-long(114)

          Calculation and Evaluation of Neutron-Induced Reactions on 60Ni Below 150 MeV

          HUANG Xiao-long(114)

          Evaluation of Excitation Function for 45ScCHEN Guo-chang, et al(114)

          Evaluation of Excitation Function for 181TaCHEN Guo-chang, et al(115)

          Exciton Dependent Pre-formation Probability of Composite ParticleZHANG Jing-shang, et al(115)

          Upgrading of the Neutron Powder DiffractometerHE Lin-feng, et al(116)

          First Experiment of Measuring the Strains of Metallic Materials by Neutron Diffraction in China

          HAN Song-bai, et al(117)

          Structure, Hygroscopic Property and Negative Thermal Expansion of Y2-xSmxW3O12(x=0.0-0.4) Solid   SolutionsYU Zhou-xiang, et al(118)

          Annual Report on Neutron Guide Project and Project InterfaceLIANG Feng, et al(119)

          Progress of 151Sm Measurement With Accelerator Mass SpectrometryYIN Xin-yi, et al(120)

          Preparation of 151Sm Standards for AMS MeasurementYIN Xin-yi, et al(122)

          Measurement the 36Cl Depth Content in Soil Near a Nuclear FacilityHE Ming, et al(122)

          AMS Measurement of 93ZrZHOU Duo, et al(123)

          Chemical Form of Selection for 79Se Measurement With AMSWANG Wei, et al(123)

          Measurement of Negative Ion Current of 180HfF5 as a Function of the Ratio of HfF4 to Ag

          TUO Fei, et al(124)

          Mass Resolution Measurement of New Injection System for AMSTUO Fei, et al(125)

          Simultaneously Measurement Facility of AMS Inject System on AMS Injection System

          DOU Yu-ling, et al(126)

          Improvement of Bragg Curve Detector Using in CIAE-AMSLI Chao-li, et al(126)

          Study on Transmission of Near-Infrared Light Through Polyester Films Modified by Nuclear Pores

          LIU Cun-xiong, et al(127)

          Preliminary Study on Sampling Behavior of Na and Mn in 4 CRMsHUANG Dong-hui, et al(128)

          Study on Reproducibility of Home-Made Personal Bubble Neuron Detectors

          ZHANG Gui-ying, et al(131)

          Study on Batch Homogeneity of Personal Neuron Bubble DetectorsZHANG Gui-ying, et al(132)

          g-Factor Measurements of Rotational Band States in 82SrYUAN Da-qing, et al(133)

          Magnetic Moment Measurement of 28PZHOU Dong-mei, et al(135)

          Calibration for Efficiencies of a Long Counter From 0.144 to 14.8 MeVCHEN Jun, et al(136)

          Establishment of Monoenergetic Neutron Reference Radiation Fields From 0.144 to 19 MeV

          CHEN Jun, et al(136)

          Preliminary Design of Neutron Dose Measurement Device for Cosmic-RayLI Tao-sheng, et al(137)

          High Power Laser and Accelerator

          Investigation of UV Single-Shot FROG MeasurementXU Yong-sheng(138)

          Study of Near-Field Nonuniformities in MOPA System of Heaven-I LaserGAO Zhi-xing, et al(139)

          EOS Experiments Based on the Heaven-IWANG Zhao, et al(140)

          Research of the Characterizations of Ultra Fast Lasers FocusingWANG Lei-jian, et al(142)

          Synchronize of RF Signal to Femtosecond Laser Pulse TrainDAI Hui(142)

          Primary Study of Line Optically-Recording Velocity Interferometer SystemLU Jian-xin, et al(143)

          Preliminary Idea of Target Fabrication and Numerical Simulation on EOS Measurement of Liquid

          DeuteriumLIANG Jing(144)

          Application of Side-On Shadowgraph System in EOSGAO Shuang, et al(145)

          Design of Cooling-Water System for Bi-Energy LinactronHUANG Jun, et al(146)

          Entropy Characteristic on Harmonious Unifying Hybrid Preferential NetworksLI Yong, et al(146)

          Assortativity Characteristic Transition on Harmonious Unifying Hybrid NetworksLI Yong, et al(147)

          Science and Technology of Reactor

          Reactor Core Geometry Arrangement Research of Spent Fuel Critical FacilityLIU Hong-wei, et al(149)

          Study on Temperature Effect of Uranyl Nitrate Solution Experiment FacilityLIU Hong-wei, et al(149)

          Heat Transfer in Mixed Convection of Superheated Steam Flowing Upward in Tubes

          CHEN Yu-zhou, et al(150)

          Design and Manufacture of Large Grained UO2 Pellets and Test AssemblyMA Yong-zhe, et al(151)

          Fuel Assembly Hydraulic Test of Research Program on In-Pile Irradiation Test for Advanced UO2 Pellets

          XU Xian, et al(152)

          Steady State Thermal Analysis of TQNPC Spent Fuels TransportationGUO Chun-qiu, et al(153)

          Gas Loaded Heat Pipes Working Theory Analysis and Mathematical Calculation Model

          GUO Chun-qiu, et al(154)

          Heat Pipe Working Theory and Calculation Model AnalysisGUO Chun-qiu, et al(154)

          Preliminary Study of MNSR With LEU FuelXIA Pu, et al(154)

          Preliminary Research for Conversion of HEU to LEU for MNSR Design of In-Hospital Neutron Irridiator

          LI Yi-guo, et al(155)

          Study of Organohalogens in Atmosphere in Beijing by Neutron Activation Analysis

          ZHANG Yong-bao, et al(156)


          Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry

          Extraction of U, Pu, Am, Eu and Sr With TODGA-DHOA/OKZHU Wen-bin, et al(157)

          Study on Catalyzed Electrolytic Plutonium Oxide DissolutionLIU Li-sheng, et al(157)

          Study on Method for Separating Micro Plutonium From Abundant UraniumLI Hui-bo, et al(158)

          Study on Extraction of Pu() by Tri-iso-Amyl PhosphateCHENG Qi-fu, et al(158)

          Kinetic Studies on Reactions Between Monomethylhydrazine and Fe3+ as Well as N,N- Dimethylhydroxylamine and Fe3+ by Measuring Potential of Fe3+/Fe2+CHEN Hui, et al(159)

          Reaction Between Mono-methylhydrazine and Tc() in Nitric Acid MediumWEI Yan, et al(159)

          Reaction of N, N-Dimethylhydroxylamine and Tc() in Nitric Acid MediumWEI Yan, et al(160)

          Stability of N, N-Dimethylhydroxylamine in Nitric Acid MediumWEI Yan, et al(160)

          Reaction Kinetics Between Mono-methylhydrazine and Nitrous AcidWEI Yan, et al(160)

          Stability of Monomethyl Hydrazine in Water and Nitric AcidLI Gao-liang, et al(161)

          Synthesis of Dihydroxyurea and Its Possible Application in Purex ProcessYAN Tai-hong, et al(161)

          Synthesis of Zirconyl Pyrophosphate and Study on Adsorption Property to Cesium

          SONG Feng-li, et al(162)

          Analysis of Nitrous Acid in Spent Fuel Reprocessing ProcessCONG Hai-feng, et al(163)

          Research and Development of Mixed-Settler Extractor: Equipment of Extraction and Separation Spent Fuel ReprocessingCHANG Shang-wen, et al(163)

          Adsorption of 90Y on Experimental Vessel WallSONG Zhi-jun, et al(164)

          Measurement of 90Sr in Soil Samples With a Pure Instrumental MethodSUN Hong-qing, et al(165)

          Progress on Study of 93Zr SeparationYANG Jin-ling, et al(165)

          Separation of 107Pd by Chromatographic Method With DMG ResinLIANG Xiao-hu, et al(166)

          Discussion of Data Difference Among Measured Thermal Neutron Cross Section of 135Cs

          WANG Xiu-feng, et al(167)

          Development of Target (Source) Preparation Technique With Pulse Electroplating and Direct Current PlatingYANG Chun-li, et al(168)

          Automatic Determination of About 100 mg Uranium by Developed Potentiometric Titration Based on Conventional MethodLIU Quan-wei, et al(169)

          Development of Series of Uranium Isotopic Reference MaterialsZHU Hai-qiao, et al(170)

          Determination of Fission Product 148Nd in Irradiated Material by ID-MC-ICP-MS

          WANG Tong-xing, et al(172)

          Determination of Lead in Blood Using Isotope Dilution Multicollector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryWANG Chen, et al(172)

          Reformation and Upgrade 3070E-X Fluorescence SpectrometerSONG You, et al(173)

          Radioactive Waste Treatment and Disposal

          Characterization of Surface Properties of Simulated Glass Aterated in Aqueous Media by Inverse Gas

          ChromatographyZHANG Zhen-tao, et al(174)

          Research on Solidification of High-Level Liquid Waste and Actinides by Glass-Ceramics

          ZHANG Zhen-tao, et al(175)

          Advance Experiment of Application in Disposal of Bituminization Flushing FluidYAO Jun, et al(177)

          Verification of Decontamination of Spent Fuel Reprocessing Plant Equipment in Situ

          XIE Wei-hong, et al(177)

          Demonstration Experiments in Situ of Treatment Technique of S-119 Organic Filth

          ZHOU Hui, et al(178)

          Adsorption Behaviors of 241Am on GraniteGUAN Hong-zhi, et al(178)

          Extraction and Characterization of Humic Acids From Peat SoilWANG Bo, et al (179)

          Adsorption Behaviors of 99Tc on BentoniteSONG Zhi-xin, et al(180)

          Source Term Investigation of Spent Radioactive Resins Arising From China Institute of Atomic Energy

          GAN Xue-ying, et al(180)


          Development of 124Xe Gas Target System for 123I Production by Cyclone-30LUO Zhi-fu, et al(182)

          Progress on Preparation of 103Pd Seed SourceDENG Xue-song, et al(183)

          HYNIC-Anx13 Labelled With 99Tcm for Imaging of ApoptosisLI Hong-yu, et al(183)

          Synthesis and Biodistribution of Carborane-Containing Porphyrins as Tumour Targeting Agents for BNCT

          YANG Ting, et al(184)

          Development of Immunoradiometric Assay Kit for InsulinDONG Hong-guang, et al(184)

          Establishment of Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for SulfaquinoxalineLIU Chaoet al(185)

          Synthesis of Novel Chelating Agents for Actinide IonsSHEN Lang-tao, et al(185)

          Preparation and Biodistribution in Mice of 99Tcm-Labelled Fatty AcidsLIANG Ji-xin, et al(186)

          Preparation and Imaging Studies of 99Tcm-EDDA/HYNIC-Lys0-TOCALUO Lian-zhe, et al(186)

          Chemiluminescence Immunoassay for Total Prostate-Specific AntigenZHANG Xue-feng, et al(187)

          Determination of Seventeen Trace Impurities in Tellurium Oxide by Atomic Emission Spectrometry

          ZHAO Xiu-yan, et al(187)

          Establishment of Chemiluminescence Immunoassay for InsulinJIA Juan-juan, et al(188)

          Establishment of Chemiluminescence Immunoassay of Human Ovarian Cancer Antigen 125

          FENG Shu-yuan, et al(188)

          Establishment of Competition Inhibition ELISA for SulfamethoxazoleFENG Ting-ting, et al(189)

          Nuclear Safeguards Techniques

          Non-destructive Assaying for Attributes of Fast Neutron Reactors Fresh Fuel

          MENG Yan-tai, et al(190)

          Development of a Modual Radiological Portal MonitorZHANG Wen-liang, et al(191)

          Development of a g-ray Measurement System of Radioactive WastesHE Li-xia, et al(191)

          Upgrade of Physical Design for Removable Segmented Gamma ScannerHE Li-xia, et al(191)

          Radioactive Waste Information Management SystemBAI Lei, et al(192)

          Analysis of Uranium Enrichment in Environment Samples Using HPGe -ray Spectrometry

          LI Jian-hua, et al(192)

          Age-Dating of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) by -SpectrometryLU Xue-sheng, et al(193)

          Study on Analysis of Isotopic Ratio of Uranium in Uranium-Bearing Particle by FT-TIMS

          SHEN Yan, et al(193)

          Experimental Study on 14 MeV Neutron Interrogating and Identifying Uranium Metal, Uranium Oxide and Uranium FluorideLIU Guo-rong, et al(194)

          Studies on Accurate Measurement of Isotope Ratio of Trace Plutonium in Uranium Matrix by Multi-collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryLI Li-li, et al(195)

          Radiation Protection and Environmental Protection

          Modeling of Low-Energy Electron-Induced DNA Early Damage by Monte-Carlo Track Structure MethodYUE Feng(196)

          Optimum Design and Validation Experiment of High Sensitivity Environmental Neutron Dose Equivalent MeterWEI Ying-guang,et al(197)

          Radionuclide Content of Coal Mine in ChinaLIU Fu-dong, et al(197)





          Annual Report of HWRR in 2006ZHANG Xing-wang(203)

          MNSR Annual Operation ReportZHU Guo-sheng(205)

          HI-13 Tandem Accelerator in 2006KAN Chao-xin, et al(205)

          Operation and Status of 5SDH-2 Pelletron AcceleratorWANG Zhi-qiang, et al(206)





          International Scientific Technology Exchanges in 2006(209)

          CIAE Seminars in 2006(216)

          Subject of Prize of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense(220)

          CIAE Application of Patent in 2006(221)

          List of Scientific Publication in Foreign Languages in 2006(222)

          List of Scientific Publication in Chinese in 2006(226)

          List of Lectures in International Meetings in 2006(243)